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Ευκαιρίες Καριέρας

Αυτή τη στιγμή η συγκεκριμένη εταιρία δεν έχει διαθέσιμες θέσεις εργασίας. Θα μπορούσατε όμως να καταχωρήσετε το βιογραφικό σας στην βάση δεδομένων της για μελλοντική χρήση...

Εταιρικό Προφίλ

Pernod Ricard Group is the world's co-leader in spirits and wines, occupying 18.975 employees in 70 countries. In 2009/10 realized sales of 7,1 billion euro making the group No1 in Europe and Asia, while it is ranked No4 in the wine industry.

The history of Pernod Ricard begins in 1975, when the two most popular aniseed drinks in France, Pernod and Ricard, joined together. From a clearly French company in the beginning, nowadays 90% of its total sales are realized outside of the French borders. Continuing the vision of the groups' founder Patrick Ricard, the CEO, Pierre Prinquet, sets out the strategy which is based on the principle of local roots, global reach.

Pernod Ricard was formed after a series of strategic acquisitions during its history with most recent and important for the development of its portfolio, the acquisitions of Seagrams in 2001, Allied Domecq in 2005 and V&S Company in 2008. Consequently, Pernod Ricard today owns one of the richest portfolios in the market including brand names of global status and wide range which can cover needs in every spirits category.

In Greece, Pernod Ricard plays key role in the spirits market with leading brands in their category like Chivas Regal, Absolut, Jameson Irish Whiskey and the authentic Cuban rum Havana Club and renowned brands such as Ballantine's, Beefeater, Olmeca, Malibu and Champagne Mumm Cordon Rouge, via its subsidiary, Pernod Ricard Hellas, one of the biggest international alcoholic drinks companies in the country, with a turnover of €78 million and 179 employees. In 2005 and 2007, the company was recognized as one of the 20 Best Workplaces in Greece.

Pernod Ricard owns as well the local brands of ouzo Mini and Top vinegar which establish the company/s position in the greek market with two modern ISO-certified production units.

Pernod Ricard sets as priority the continuous development of its range of products through the adoption of innovative ways of promotion with respect to the consumer/s needs and his/her desire for quality.

Human Resources
Our goal at Pernod Ricard is to create a relationship of mutual trust with our People.

Empowerment: We are a decentralized company which allows scope for initiative, professional development, and personal responsibility within the framework provided by our shared Code of Conduct.

Commitment: The quality of our human relations, the working environment and the benefits we offer employees, foster a powerful sense of commitment on the part of our teams. Worldwide, the average length of service for employees exceeds 10 years.

Development: We invest on an ongoing basis in our People and in their career within Greece and the Group worldwide. Our priority is to grow ''from within''.

Performance: As a high level of performance is essential for a successful career in our Group, it is something that we here encourage and reward.

Our Values:

  • We behave with integrity, ethically and transparently.
  • We are proud of our products; we respect them and strive to develop them.
  • We operate in a pleasant atmosphere, with simplicity and good relations among ourselves.
  • We encourage the development of entrepreneurship spirit at all levels.
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